Xinet 19 is here
and it's better than ever.

Xinet 19 is here
and it's better than ever.

Xinet 19 is a more powerful digital supply chain for creative content.

Xinet: Dynamic Digital Asset Management

As today’s world becomes increasingly more digital, it is imperative to have a robust and streamlined Digital Supply Chain for the creation and management of marketing materials.

Xinet is a powerful Digital Asset Management System (DAM) that offers companies an efficient way of organising, collaborating on and distributing their rich media assets.

With Xinet, companies as well as design teams and creative agencies now have a creative asset management platform that is intuitive and reliable to manage all versions of their digital assets. Managers have clear insight on the creative process and an excellent overview of all available content.

Developed by product domain experts, Xinet offers a wealth of feature functions complemented by a highly experienced partner community network. Feature highlights from our latest release Xinet 19, can be seen below.  

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Bulk upload

Bulk upload of files and folders via drag and drop

Optimized for rapid ingestion of millions of assets instantaneously, Xinet always stays in sync, even in environments with very heavy traffic and constantly changing assets and categories. While Xinet enabled users to upload hundreds of files to a standard web browser, our optimized media browser application, Xinet Pilot,  even supports Drag and Drop uploads of multiple folders.

Automatic Metadata tagging and extraction

Automatic Metadata tagging and extraction

Control Metadata reading and writing as a natural part of the ingest process. Xinet provides a simple way to include metadata with every file. Optionally, you can configure a user’s permissions to ensure that metadata is entered for any file delivered to Xinet. When a user attempts to upload a file that doesn't contain the required metadata, Xinet will request that the metadata is provided. Xinet supports batch metadata tagging for hundreds of files as part of the upload process. Alternatively, existing metadata, set on a job folder can be automatically associated to any asset that is made part of that job.

Unmatched ingestion speed

Unmatched ingestion speeds

Fast, predictive and accurate data ingestion is key for a Digital Assset Management System. Xinet has been benchmarked to ingest an incredible 40.000 assets per hour (this includes the data record creation, preview generation and metadata extraction)


Instant preview generation and metadata extraction

Xinet simultaneously manages your high resolution digital assets whilst generating automatic quick color accurate previews for virtually any professional still image, document or video file as well as extracting any embedded XMP metadata associated with the ingested files. Xinet features outstanding preview generation. Any WEB preview generated by Xinet is true WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get). This includes most Adobe files including Illustrator, most Photoshop formats and PDFs (PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4).


Natural file relationships stay. Without any user interaction

Xinet dynamically offers a visual presentation of all files in which an asset is currently being used, and all assets within a particular document, while providing easy access for quick edits or modifications. All of this is done automatically as part of the ingestion process. No manual user interaction, such as linking files, is required.


Unmatched, transparent Adobe integration

Designers who depend on Adobe products in the workplace can rely on Xinet to provide controlled access to assets, without having to change the way they have always worked with Adobe files. Without ever leaving the layout application, designers can search for assets and drag them directly to a layout—with simple, efficient navigation.

There is no requirement to ever leave the layout application, designers can search for assets – with simple, efficient navigation and drag them directly to a layout. Users with local network access to Xinet place artwork directly from a built-in file service, just like they would do from their local desktop.


Simple Barrier-free access to your assets

Increase design studio productivity by providing quick and barrier free access to assets for quick, last minute changes. By simply right-clicking on an asset thumbnail in a Xinet Pilot palette the built-in contextual menu options enable Xinet users to open an asset directly in its originating desktop application, without navigating to the asset's filesystem location


Increase efficiency in the workflow with time-saving workflow automation.

Managed at the administrative level, this versatile feature offers a method for establishing Triggers that initiate Actions in Xinet to automate simple and complex workflows. Individual tasks like sending email notifications for approved assets, adding metadata to a file, or moving a completed job folder to an archive area are handled automatically by Xinet—24/7


Apply business rules filters to control access to your assets

Control content access at the individual and group level based on file, folder name, status or metadata filters. By applying a multi layer logic, such as e.g. setting a metadata field to particular value or using dedicated filename conventions, assets can be hidden out of a client's view, without having to change the internal workflow.


Configurable Metadata Templates and Permissions

Xinet was designed to deliver faster search for very large and constantly changing file repositories and to provide the ability to create metadata templates and assign permissions that suit your individual requirements. Individual metadata templates and permission sets are configurable by anyone without the need for a database administrator.


XMP integration

Xinet makes Adobe XMP metadata available to users worldwide by automatically reading and enabling its editing for any Adobe file, including InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Bridge—even for users without access to the source files. Users can view set metadata in their native applications, search for it in the database, and view and set it directly from a web browser. Automatic metadata handling comes standard with Xinet.


Version Control

Standardize the creation and management of multiple file versions to enhance productivity and reduce error. Save versions of in-process documents automatically, without the need for complicated file naming conventions, overwriting the original document or granting access to older file versions to unapproved users. You set the parameters for automation—and Xinet does the rest.


Visually search, browse and find assets from a central location

Built around Apache's Solr search server, Xinet provides a user friendly and robust searching experience. Advanced Search allows you to combine several metadata fields and asset properties, as well as an asset's audit trail to built very powerful search queries.


Combine a familiar folder hierarchy, with metadata facets to find and access your assets faster

For Xinet users requiring access to assets for editing purposes Xinet is a dream. Whereas most DAMs have cumbersome check-in/check-out procedures, Xinet is the only Digital Asset Management system with a built-in file service that is constantly synchronized to provide file access in the format users are familar with. Through the application of a combination of metadata filters, users are able to find assets really quickly and this is integral to Xinet's high user adoption rate. The beauty of Xinet for creative users, who are used to working within folder structures, is that they don't have to change their workflow at all.


Full text searching in all supported formats (including Adobe files)

Text content search is supported for all supported file formats. This includes text based formats such as Office files or PDFs, as well as Adobe Files, CAD files or HTML files.


View Video content easily, without the need to download any file

Xinet supports video, audio and HTML files from a secure, central
location and enables users around the globe to search for, view, annotate, approve
and distribute these assets from a web browser. Simplify video and scene identification
through key frame previews, even after assets have been archived.


Search and Find archived assets (with preview and metadata)

Xinet can store previews and metadata from archived assets online in its powerful database, even if the actual asset data has been archived to a remote archiving solution. This allows users to browse and search previously archived assets.


Customizable user interface

Xinet's out-of-the-box web interface can be customized to match your brand and / or corporate identity. Xinet Portal uses modern web technology such as bootstrap, HTML5 and jQuery, to enable web designers to tailor the user interface.


Edit and share asset collections

Xinet collections allow users to select a group of assets, manually one-by-one, or add all visible content to a collection. An asset collection could be downloaded, converted, edited or simply shared. An open Plug-In architecture enables third party developpers to create their own Collection Plug-Ins.


Use Online annotations to to enhance local and remote collaboration

Using Annotations enhance local and remote review collaboration through centralized document mark-up. Zoom into any supported file format (up to 2500%), including single and multipage documents such as InDesign, Illustrator, Office, PDFs and even Video keyframes.


Manage digital rights to protect your content

Xinet provides a way to control the use of your assets by specifying a range of usage dates—by day, month, year, even down to the minute. Once an asset is expired, it gets locked in the system and it can not be output by any user, to any device.


Distribute to and integrate existing software via powerful APIs

With a widely open architecture, including a RESTful API, Xinet has been designed from the ground up to enable our experienced international partner network with extensive deployment and integration expertise, to integrate Xinet with existing solutions (CMS, PIMs, ERPs, etc..).
Xinet is not a silo. A comprehensive eco-system has been established over the lifetime of the product. Integration partners, software vendors and third party developers have built a comprehensive list of tools to extend Xinet's feature set.


Integrated PDF workflow engine

Xinet offers a reliable way for off-site production users working primarily with FPO images to generate PDF documents in which special effects that modify an image, such as transparency, are preserved. Add PDF Image Replacement to remote workflows for simple and efficient image exchange.


Create Video reels online.

Generate video decks, agency reels and more within the browser—in-house—and eliminate unnecessary overhead.

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