Why is Metadata Critical to Your DAM?

“Metadata is critical when managing your digital assets. Digital assets by their nature are visual so creating mechanisms to search on those assets really requires proper tagging to make sure that you can discover the assets that you’ve put into your digital repository.”

– Tim Shaw, Product Manager, Northplains

“Metadata is important because it’s going to save you, the end user, time. It’s going to help you find that asset quicker. In the end, that’s what you’re really looking for.”

– Richard Levesque, ESM, Northplains

What is Metadata and Why Does it Matter?

Marketers, don’t roll your eyes. If you’re considering implementing or improving your existing digital asset management solution you cannot ignore metadata as it can make or break your DAM.

Simply put, metadata is defined as a set of data that describes and gives info about other data. This data is critical because it’s what turns a piece of content into an asset. When you have hundreds and thousands of assets, it is imperative that they are organized and categorized to be easily found.

Without metadata, the purpose of the digital asset management system is nearly defeated. Finding assets is going to be extremely difficult and cause users to give up adopting the DAM if they can’t access what they need. Conversely, too much metadata associated with an asset can confuse the user and clutter the interface.

Metadata Keeps You Confident and Compliant

The rights associated with an asset will be vital information for your DAM users to ensure assets are not abused. Can an image be used in a particular geographic location? Are there restrictions on a piece of content you want to push out? These questions can be easily answered by using metadata because it travels with the asset and allows you to work confidently and compliantly with your content.

What Should I Consider When Setting Up Metadata

There’s a fine balance between having enough metadata and too much metadata. Consider who is using the DAM and how they search for assets. Think about search terms that are important to the organisation and ensure that there are enough fields so that an asset can be found easily but also that the task of inputting metadata isn’t too onerous.

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