RFP Template for Digital Asset Management

RFP Template for Digital Asset Management

In an increasingly digital world, it becomes more important every day for your organization to have fast, intuitive, dynamic and reliable digital asset management software. But finding the right vendor is far from easy, and choosing the wrong solution can be a costly mistake. Thankfully, Northplains is here to help you with the first step: creating a request for proposal that fits the specific digital asset management needs of your organization.

How should I use this Digital Asset Management RFP template?

Use this document as a jumping-off point in your DAM RFP process. You can, of course, add, subtract or change this content to reflect the specific requirements and processes exclusive to your organization. Every organization is unique and requires different capabilities from their digital asset management platform — so in the end, your RFP shouldn’t look like anyone else’s. And this RFP template can help save you time and energy as you work toward finding the best DAM software vendor for your company.

What’s in this DAM RFP template?

In this document, you’ll find questions compiled by experts in the digital asset management field, covering everything from speed and compatibility to pricing and technical support. You’ll also find a sample DAM RFP timeline and sample introductory sections.

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