Monetizing Your DAM System

Monetizing Your DAM System
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Are you reaping the full value from your digital asset management system? Is your DAM system perceived as a cost center by your business and can you see the true opportunity to move your DAM beyond cost and into a center that generates measurable revenue for your company?

If you answered ‘yes’, help is here in the form of a ‘DAM Maturity Matrix’ comprised of 4 stages: agency control, repository build, DAM capability and DAM monetization. This whitepaper will help you identify where your business is currently and the steps you need to take to reach the monetization stage.

About the Author: Debbie Qaqish

Debbie Qaqish is an award-winning author, thought leader, principal partner and chief strategy officer for The Pedowitz Group, a revenue marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia. Debbie’s whitepaper is a compelling read for anyone truly interested in making a transformative shift in their DAM practice.


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