HarperCollins: A Success Story

HarperCollins: A Success Story

HarperCollins possessed many disparate libraries of digital content including book files and related components such as photos, covers and snapshots. As photo editors, creative professionals, production teams, and freelancers continued to do what they do best, the quantity and complexity of digital media increased each year. Recognizing the inherent inefficiencies, HarperCollins wanted to unite their disparate content-creating departments with key re-users, and establish a house-wide library of final title content.

HarperCollins needed an enterprise-capable digital asset management (DAM) solution with robust functionality, easy installation and dependable and configurable features for PCs, Macs and the Web. The most important consideration in selecting a new DAM solution was seamless integration with existing creative content workflows.

Several benefits led HarperCollins to select TeleScope Enterprise to manage its library of digital assets, including:

  • Enterprise-capable solution with Mac and PC client apps
  • Multi-client solution that unites content creators with re-users worldwide
  • Convenience and flexibility accessing digital media assets
  • New cost saving and revenue generating opportunities

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