On Brand 2.7 Is Now Available

On Brand 2.7 Is Now Available

Northplains is pleased to introduce On Brand 2.7 which delivers significant upgrades to further improve user experience for sharing and downloading brand assets and guidelines. Here are just a few highlights:

User-configurable Dashboard

As users log into On Brand, they are presented with a dashboard that offers a tailored view of their projects, tasks, and other brand-related information. The dashboard is comprised of optional widgets that offer access to information such as what assets have been recently added or modified; project status; pending tasks; or ROI type data such as number of downloads over time. Widgets present information and associated rich media in either one or two column formats which can be easily re-arranged on the page via drag and drop.

reporting module

Real-time Social Media Tracking

Users can get an up-to-date view of what the community is saying about their brand. The first implementation of this within On Brand is provided in the form of a widget that presents a Twitter feed. This widget can be activated to track the company or brand’s Twitter account, or a campaign-related keyword.


Asset Linking

Any asset in On Brand can now be linked to any other asset within the library which allows a pair of assets to be referenced as a single entity, facilitating tasks from review to deployment.

creative workflow module onbrand

Asset Rating

Users of On Brand can also rate assets through a 5-star rating system. As ratings are made, On Brand adds it to the cumulative total of all ratings and updates the displayed rating for all users. Ratings can also be used to control the order of the assets returned during a search, ensuring the assets at the top of the list are more ‘relevant’ than ones lower down.

onbrand rating

Localization Language Packs

This release of On Brand includes language packs for French, German, and Japanese, allowing the user interface to be displayed in these alternative languages. Additional languages can be provided as a cost option through a professional services engagement.