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Munich, Germany

Known for its quality of life, Munich is a city that is hard to describe. A unique blend of old and new, a lot of nature and a privileged geographical location in the heart of Europe make Munich a very versatile city and a privileged destination. Smaller than a big city but larger than a big town, equally conservative and progressive, the ambitious city conveys a general feeling of Gemütlichkeit that is hard to ignore.

Occupying the top floor of a historical building, North Plain's Munich office is located in the area of Haidhausen, also know as the "French Quarter", between the Munich city center and Ostbahnhof. In the vicinity, the Kultfabrik claims to be the largest party zone in Europe as it has been developed into a maze of bars, clubs, skate parks, and cinemas. Quality international restaurants in the area abound and the traditional Bavarian "Weizen" beer is served everywhere.

North Plain's presence in Munich consist of a small and efficient international team whose main skills are technical but also include proficiencies in sales and client support. The team is highly cooperative, self-dependent and speaks cumulatively 6 different languages. In the summer time the employees often enjoy their lunch breaks on a rooftop patio, just outside the office kitchen, where coffee and a big selection of soda drinks never fail.

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