Digital Asset Management

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What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is an effective and efficient way to safely keep your organization’s most important digital content. By providing an easy-to-use operating system, DAM simplifies the process of creating, organizing, storing, and managing your content. Now your assets will all be in one central location and easily accessed by anyone within your organization.

What is a digital asset?

A digital asset is any piece of content that brings value to your organization such as image files, PDFs, video and audio. However, if your digital content can’t be easily found and distributed, it can’t be an asset. A digital asset management system allows you to easily organize, search and share your content while adhering to the rights of use through powerful metadata.

How can you benefit from DAM?

North Plains offers one of the most advanced and trusted digital asset management systems in the industry. We provide scalable solutions that empower customers to maintain control of their visual assets to support processes globally while improving collaboration and efficiency.

Benefits of Digital Asset Management

Single source of truth

Rapidly search, manage, deploy and repurpose new assets or content to market.

Supports all aspects of managing complex media files

Manage all of your digital brand assets in one place, from documents, to graphics to videos.

Highly scalable, enterprise-wide solution

Implement a future-proof technology platform that grows with your business.

Built-in high availability and failover protection

Reduce risk of infrastructure failure and security breach

Simple retrieval of digital assets

Minimize time spent searching for assets with powerful search and cataloguing capabilities

Smart asset re-use

Sophisticated metadata functionality lets you find and re-use previously created assets, reducing production costs and time to market, while increasing ROI


How Much Can You Save with DAM?

Quantifying the effectiveness and determining the return on investment for any new system presents its challenges. Expenses, such as time, can be difficult to determine. Fortunately, North Plains understands this struggle and has done some of the work for you. Check out our ROI calculator to discover just how much a digital asset management solution from North Plains could truly be worth to your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Asset Management?
Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a process used to make the managing, storing, creating, organizing, and distributing of assets much easier. With a DAM system, your company is able to store rich media in a more cost-effective way and protect your brand image by making sure that each asset meets the right corresponding requirements for usage.
Who benefits from DAM?
Every company can benefit from a DAM system. This software speeds up the workflow process by making your assets accessible, reusable, and easily retrievable saving your company precious time and money. Whether you’re a creative who needs instant access to assets in order to share feedback with stakeholders or a corporate librarian who needs to make sure every asset is being used the right way, a DAM system helps you take control of your assets.
Which problem does DAM solve?
Having a DAM saves your company time and money by alleviating the amount of time it takes to search for files and ridding yourself of costly asset reproduction. By having all of your assets in one central location accessible by anyone within your organization, your employees are able to put their energy into the work that really matters.
What are the different types of DAM?
There are 3 types of digital asset management software: On-Premise, SAAS (Software as a Service) or Cloud-Based, and a hybrid of the two. Choosing a solution is dependent on what your company needs. Choose On-Premise if you want to host your own software platform, SAAS/Cloud if you want the most cost-effective solution and want access through the internet from anywhere, and a hybrid if you want the capabilities of both.
How do I know which DAM solution is right for my business?

Knowing which solution is best for your company comes from doing research on what your company’s needs/capabilities are, and what you need a DAM solution for. By looking at how other similar companies have incorporated DAM software and meeting with employees who handle your assets on a continual basis can help you understand what solution is best. There are a number of different functions and capabilities that a DAM solution can manage; however, knowing your company and what your employees need will help figuring out which ones would benefit the most.

View our DAM solutions or download our DAM Purchasing Guide to learn more.

When should my company invest in a DAM solution?

Deciding when to invest in a DAM system is a big decision, so getting multiple people involved from different departments helps with understanding the company and what it could take to implement as a whole. After taking the right steps and learning what solution is best for your company, meet with your boss and key stakeholders to decide the best course of action and implementation plan for your organization. Implementation should be done in stages so it's important to decide which areas will give you the biggest ROI.

Try our ROI Calculator and see for yourself what DAM can save your organization.

What should I consider when purchasing a Digital Asset Management system?

Things to consider when purchasing a DAM are knowing your budget and which of the different capabilities and functionalities that you need for your company. For example, if your company is international you might want to consider having a DAM that supports many languages.

Download our DAM Purchasing Guide to get an in-depth look into purchasing a DAM.

Do North Plains' solutions integrate with other software?

North Plains integrates seamlessly with your current IT software and many other third party applications your team may already be using including Adobe Creative Suite.

If you have any questions regarding software integration and compatibility, contact North Plains.

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Not sure which DAM solution is right for your business?
We've created a guide to help you in our DAM selection process.

Taking DAM a Step Further

Evolved from a simple repository, digital asset management has grown into a highly-integrated, living application that spans the digital asset lifecycle.


North Plains’ creative asset management (CAM) software helps creative teams work smarter by facilitating collaboration, easing the approval process, and ensuring instant access to the digital assets they need.


Brand and Marketing Asset Management, sometimes referred to as BAM or MAM, provides rapid access to important brand assets, creating an instant-value brand management solution.

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