DAM or BAM: Finding the Asset Solution That Fits

DAM or BAM: Finding the Asset Solution That Fits

The terms Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Brand Asset Management (BAM) are often used interchangeably, but in reality BAM is a specific category of DAM. Brand asset management software provides additional functionality focused on the facilitation of content re-use as well as how and where it should be used. Whilst many generic digital asset management systems can provide a degree of brand asset management, they fall short of providing a number of disciplines required to provide an effective BAM experience. BAM systems must offer a compelling intuitive user experience, providing functions such as brand guidelines, collaboration, and web-to-print/web-to-digital capabilities for localised marketing. A BAM system should also provide standard asset management, reporting and workflow functions.

The Importance of Building Strong Brands

According to WPP, the total brand value of the BrandZ™ Top 100 Strong Brands Portfolio has improved 77% since 2006. In addition, the BrandZ™ Top 100 Strong Brands Portfolio, comprised of diverse public companies, appreciated 58% during that eight-year period, compared with a market value gain of only 23% by the S&P 500. This demonstrates the importance of good brand management as part of increasing an organisation’s brand value to promote growth.
Enterprise DAMs provide a broad capability for large organisations, but do not usually hit the BAM use case head-on. Whilst providing support for the brand assets themselves, DAMs do not usually provide the brand guidelines. Like DAM, BAM provides a repository for your brand assets for users to search, find and use. However, DAM assumes that users know what they are looking for and will use assets correctly. In contrast, BAM provides a guided experience to enable users to be directed to the right assets. Brand guidelines join up the ‘what,’ ‘how’ and ‘where’ for your brand assets to ensure the context is understood and the brand is controlled.

DAM and BAM: The Best of Both Worlds

Many organisations strive to have a single source of the truth for managing digital assets, but this does not mean that the solution as a whole has to be provided by a single technology. This has been recognised within other technology markets involving data where ‘Master Data Management’ is used. This provides a main source for their data, which can push/provide data to other systems to use. This is the same approach that can be used for DAM, where a centralised DAM can be used as the main archive, but assets surfaced in other applications such as a BAM to take care of brand management.

Mike Verrell
Pre-Sales Manager