Brand and Marketing Asset Management

Use your brand wisely.

Brand and Marketing Asset Management are key resources for a growing business. With the right implementation, both can save you significant amounts of time and money.

What is Brand Asset Management?

Brand Asset Management (BAM) delivers protection and uniformity to your brand allowing instant access to important assets while ensuring they are properly adhering to branding guidelines. BAM guarantees that the reputation of your brand remains consistent for the customer no matter the location or service/product being provided. Brand and Marketing Asset Management create an instant-value brand management solution for marketers.

What is Marketing Asset Management?

Marketing Asset Management handles the managing of any sales and advertising materials such as brochures, presentations, etc. Keep your marketing files all in one location to easily edit, distribute, and maintain a continually growing number of your company’s brand assets.

North Plains’ Brand Asset Management software is simple and intuitive. We give marketers a solution that grants worldwide access to brand and marketing collateral instantly, ensuring efficiency and consistency for your organization.

Features and Benefits

Real-time management of brand assets and guidelines

Protect brand equity and loyalty through increased visibility and control of assets

Quick time to value

Reduce costs and time-to-market through increased efficiencies and streamlined approval processes

Optimize creative workflow and approval

Rapidly search, manage, deploy and repurpose new products or content to market

Multiple interfaces to connect brands, teams and regions

Connect in real-time to in-house and external production and distribution resources

Promote your brand with consistency and relevance

Actively manage your brand and promote it with consistency and relevancy

Increase focus on market share growth and retention

Reach new channels, mediums, devices and contacts through improved asset control and organizational campaign support

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How Much Can You Save with DAM?

Quantifying the effectiveness and determining the return on investment for any new system presents its challenges. Expenses, such as time, can be difficult to determine. Fortunately, North Plains understands this struggle and has done some of the work for you. Check out our ROI calculator to discover just how much a digital asset management solution from North Plains could truly be worth to your organization.

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