Announcement: Xinet 18.1, A New and eXciting, Feature-rich Release is Out Now

Announcement: Xinet 18.1, A New and eXciting, Feature-rich Release is Out Now

Northplains is excited to announce the latest release of Xinet 18.1. Our digital asset management (DAM) system is designed to help companies, in-house creative departments, and advertising agencies to more effectively manage documents, images, video and other content in an omni-channel environment. This new release includes new features as well as major enhancements to existing features.

Key highlights include:

  • Powerful update provides support for the InnoDB storage engine to dramatically improve performance, particularly for systems that encounter high traffic.
  • A brand new business rules engine has been incorporated into the backend of Xinet with a powerful feature that enables customers to filter assets seen on the web based on individually configured business rules.
  • There is a long list of usability enhancements that have been made to the frontend of the product for both the Marquee site and production tool: Xinet Pilot. Marquee has been updated with multiple new features to bring it on par with the legacy Exhibit site.

The frontend of Xinet Pilot has been completely refreshed and updated with features such as:

  • New metadata panel, navigator and zooming tool.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for uploads of multiple files and folders.

Xinet Pilot behaves much more like a regular Mac application, and features optimised responsive design patterns to be used in various window sizes. It can even be viewed as a small palette inside Adobe products.

All the above are highlights from a very extensive list of new features and bug fixes. Visit the Xinet page to read more about product features and updates.