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Xinet: Creative Asset Management

Xinet is a creative asset management system that is the standard-setting database for streamlining workflow and maximizing production in today’s digital asset market. With multiple assets stored across multiple drives in multiple time zones, managers and creative teams need to be able to quickly search for, access and approve files from one central location. 

With Xinet, design teams and creative agencies can efficiently manage all versions of digital assets while managers have clear insight on the creative process. Users can access your on-site server from off-site locations - an ideal benefit for agile companies with growing creative teams. Utilizing an asset management software solution promotes a collaborative atmosphere so your team avoids creating duplicate files and rapidly locates the most recent assets. Contact us today to see how Xinet can elevate your creative process and empower your organization to get the most value from every asset.

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Make the editing and review process simple with annotations: Users – remote or on-site – can review, comment and read team members’ comments on the same document.


Xinet Pilot

Facilitate an in-context experience that enables greater flexibility to access, automate and synchronize digital asset production.


Asset Timer

Warn users of expirations on assets and prevent the use of outdated, inconsistent material.


Linked File Viewer

Quickly track all files using the same asset, such as a logo, and save time editing and making modifications to that asset.


Seamless Integration

Utilize Xinet with software your team uses every day - such as the Adobe Creative Suite - to optimize asset management and speed up the approval process.


Custom Image Order

Users can download a separate asset version for edit and easily crop or resize images while leaving the original untouched.

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Manage Your Creative Assets with Xinet

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Learn how to optimize your business' workflow with creative asset management. With Xinet, your business will save time, maximize savings and maintain firm control of your assets.

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