So this is Christmas in London

So this is Christmas in London

Take 4 hours of bowling, a bus ride and a three-course dinner followed by clubbing – and you get all ingredients for an EMEA Christmas Party in London. There is a lovely tradition in the London office that Christmas Parties don’t just mean an evening out – they start at 2pm and go on until early hours of the next day. Love it! Only challenge for the organisers (or as they like to call themselves the being the budget, but with some creativity we deal with it.

So we go bowling in the afternoon at Namco, which is located at the South Bank of the river Thames with some beautiful views if you stand outside of the building. We definitely opt for staying in with some beers, snacks and a game or two. Some people get quite competitive, but no major dramas.

When the bowling session is over we feel the need for some fresh air and ice creams on the Westminster Bridge (well, some of us do!). And then an old Red London Double Decker materialises in front of us and takes us on a tour of the City Christmas Lights and to the ‘secret’ dinner/club location back in Shoreditch. The bus is a great fun, although somehow we manage to lose some people on the way, but they do catch up with us eventually!

What follows is a great night of food, competitions, drinks and trying some innovative dance figures, so really what a good Christmas Party is all about. To spice it all up a little we hired two exceptional DJs the Nick & Leon Duo – they didn’t always agree on the music but made the food taste even betterJ During the night we have identified another celebrity DJ BVH – we are already in talks with him to play at next year’s party.

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