Webinar: What’s new in Xinet 19?

Webinar: What’s new in Xinet 19?


On December 1st, we hosted a webinar all about our most powerful digital asset management platform yet for creative content: Xinet 19. In case you missed it, here’s the video and a recap of the event.


Exciting news!

Xinet 19 is on track for a mid-December release. Before that release, we’ll be publishing an infographic about everything the creative asset management platform has to offer. Finally, look out for a brand new Xinet website, coming early 2017.


New Features in Xinet 19

Extended filesharing with SMB2

  • Modern, convenient and relevant to your creative team’s methods and technologies. Plus, upgrade now and receive additional user packs totally free of charge. Just another way that an investment in Xinet is an investment in your organization’s future.

Smoother user experience with SAML2 Single-Sign-On

  • Tired of logging in again and again? Not anymore. Now, login once and you’re done. Cut out time and energy spent on logging into your various accounts — and at the same time, feel better about your account security.

A long list of usability enhancements

  • New and better browsing experience with Xinet Portal: A more intuitive way to find the content you need.
  • Enhanced business rule filters: Control access to your content with ease.
  • Updated third party software integration: From Adobe to Chrome, Xinet works better with the apps you love.
  • New “Share Asset” option, batch email upload reports, extended list views — and so much more.


Questions, comments or concerns? Email us: xinet19@northplains.com