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RFP templateUsing DAM To Turn Your Content Marketing Up To Eleven

As content marketing emerges as a holistic method for CPG companies to connect customers with the brand, it means that marketers MUST connect customers with digital assets more fluidly. Digital assets MUST start moving through organizations in a manner that enables marketers in any part of the organization to get what they need quickly, manage it effectively, and use it expressively to deliver a cohesive narrative across the entire customer journey. So, what does that approach look like? How do we get the brand back together? This white paper outlines how to leverage DAM to bring your content marketing to the next level.

Download the “Using DAM To Turn Your Content Marketing Up To Eleven” White paper


RFP templateDAM Request For Proposal Template

Are you an organization embarking on a project to implement digital asset management software? This document is intended to help organization collect information from vendors to evaluate product and organizational capabilities in order to deliver a Digital Asset Management. The document outlines high-level requirements for the DAM solution.

Download the “DAM Request for Proposal” Document


Digital Asset Management Data SheetWAM, BAM, I think I Need a DAM

This document is intended for organizations who are embarking on a project to implement “digital asset management” software. If you are new to the topic and think you need a “DAM” system, this paper is designed to help you get started.

Download the “WAM, BAM, I Think I Need a DAM” Whitepaper


Digital Asset Management Data SheetEmpowering Marketers Through Dynamic Publishing

Today enterprises need to launch products globally to maximize market impact, quickly respond to competitor incursions into their markets and customer bases, and capitalize on emergent market opportunities and new customer requirements in real-time both globally and locally. This white paper aims to inform marketers about dynamic publishing and how it can help in these areas.

Download the “Empowering Marketers Through Dynamic Publishing” Whitepaper


Digital Asset Management Data SheetEnabling Global Marketing: The Use of Digital Asset Management in the Automotive Industry

Automotive manufacturers need to launch and build their brands globally in a crowded market in months, not years. Every single channel that can be used to reach consumers needs to be filled with relevant, fresh, content, targeted to the demographic and geographic market being addressed.

Download “Enabling Global Marketing: The Use of Digital Asset Management in the Automotive Industry” Executive Whitepaper


Digital Asset Management Data SheetThe 13 Cost Areas for a Digital Asset Management System

Buyers of Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems often wonder: “What is the total cost of a DAM system, and how can I construct a good first order estimate for the total implementation costs?”

The intent of this white paper is to provide insight and guidance, based on over 15 years of digital asset management experience and considering both the vendor and buyer sides, into commonly identified areas of DAM cost.

Download “The 13 Cost Areas for a Digital Asset Management System” Whitepaper


Post Production White Paper5 Reasons Post-Production is Ready to Go Completely Non-Linear

Post-Production is going non-linear. The move to a tapeless, entirely digital, post-production process has made post-production so much easier.

This white paper discusses the need for post-production to stay ahead of the game and plug into the new country-wide, and soon to be global, non-linear post-production workflows.

Download “5 Reasons Post-Production is Ready to Go Completely Non-Linear” Whitepaper


Differentiating DAM from EMC White PaperDifferentiating DAM from ECM

Digital Asset Management and Enterprise Content Management share many important similarities, resulting in some confusion about where one ends and the other begins – as well as their best application.

This paper explores some of the key technology differentiators, including how and when best to apply each one.

Download “Differentiating DAM from ECM” Whitepaper