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Different markets have different digital asset management needs. Initiated in the media, entertainment and broadcast industries, digital asset management is now a mainstay of marketing departments and advertising agencies of all sizes, across all industries. North Plains, as a pioneer of the digital asset management space and an enabler of marketing agility, has worked with every new industry as they adopted digital asset management. We’ve gained valuable knowledge and are eager to provide deep industry insights. 8 Technologies That Are Changing Marketing From automation software, to data monitoring and analytic tools, CMOs have more new technologies than ever before. And the barriers to entry, from low-cost or free tools to cloud-based options requiring little upfront capital expense, have never been lower. CMO highlights the main technologies that are changing the marketing landscape. Organizations Continuing to Turn to Content Marketing Marketers are actively trying to figure out how to publish valuable, relevant and compelling content to build subscriber bases and ultimately sell more products and services. Joe Pulizzi, founder of Junta 42 and the Content Marketing Institute discusses the growing number of technologies for content marketing and what content marketing means for organizations today. How Marketing Automation Creates Greater Engagement Many brands today are turning to marketing automation platforms, including DAM, as a way to make their marketing organizations more efficient. As they continue to create more content to reach more consumers, these systems are creating a way for marketers to increase efficiency, and ultimately engagement, across the board. Measuring the Return on a Content Marketing Strategy As more brands turn to content marketing to create engagement with consuners, they no longer have access to instant advertising metrics that they are used to. Clear and conclusive ROI data can take a while to manifest. Once it does, however, returns will generally increase as you continue to consistently publish, and DAM systems are making the entire measurement process more manageable and effective. Markters Seeking New Ways to Determine a Campaign’s Effectiveness Pouring over spreadsheets and endless amounts of data in order to determine the high-performing and under-performing elements of a campaign is becoming less and less attractive to marketers today. This has them turning to systems like Digital Asset Management in order to save them the time and resources that go into these tasks. Read more here about the technologies that exist to make this a more efficient process for marketers across the board.