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Publishing companies face constant pressure to both reach their audience and deliver fresh content. With the growth on online and mobile content, there are many more sources of content and ways to access it, but not any more hours in the day. Most of that content replaces traditional print content. Publishing companies need to expand beyond traditional publishing avenues and look at themselves as content merchandisers and retailers, creating, nurturing, and delivering compelling, valuable content across printed, online and mobile channels.

We provide a secure, robust and reliable digital asset management platform that enables efficient, centralized and connected publishing workflow environment right from the creative design stage through to production and distribution to all channels:

  • Unified collaboration and sharing among all contributors, (photographers, authors, editors, designers, marketers and distributors) international offices, third-parties and business partners
  • Effective use of resources, both human and capital, to efficiently locate correct version of media assets
  • Minimize or eliminate recreating or repurchasing lost images, and automated usage tracking
  • Embrace new technologies such as RSS feeds, user-generated content, and Web 2.0 applications
  • Identifying efficient ways to move images, video, audio, PDF’s, InDesign, PPT’s, Excel, Word, EPS, GIF and SVG files from where they are created and managed to their ultimate destination in web production, printed magazines, mobile devices or a whole host of other delivery points

Explore how the North Plains’ Telescope and Xinet solution suite help address their creative, operational and workflow challenges.


The goal for printers today is to think digitally first- to streamline and connect all content assembly and distribution processes, and enable on-demand distribution of content to digital and paper formats. Some of the challenges are traditional printer processes, and some are publishing processes that are becoming part of the printing process as companies increasingly specialize.

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