On Brand

On Brand is a cloud-based solution that provides the ability for corporate brand managers and marketing managers to consistently leverage their brand assets in marketing campaigns locally or throughout the world in a fully protected and guideline compliant manner.


On Brand is powered by Unify, a North Plains platform for developing web applications and dynamic web-based customer experiences from bespoke websites to applications. On Brand enables marketers to be both agile and in control of multiple campaigns, across multiple geographies and with the active engagement and involvement of multiple internal and external teams.


assets module

Assets Module

Quickly search, store and manage all company assets from a central location. No more reproducing assets, and no worrying about files stored on multiple platforms.

homepage for marketers tab

Guidelines Module

Easily manage, update and share guidelines for using logos, fonts and more to guarantee a consistent look in all marketing material.

creative workflow module onbrand

Creative Workflow Module

Manage the workflow of creative teams from a secure, centralized dashboard that allows users to collaborate, edit and approve material in real time.

reporting module

Reporting Module

Monitor data from all other modules and track the effectiveness of assets, team use, and more.

onbrand update

Consistent and Compelling

On Brand helps brands deliver consistent messages across all touch-points, through a simple and intuitive solution.


Controlled Framework

Empower your staff to work as though they have just received the latest up-to-the-minute update in person, regardless of global location.


See how North Plains' brand and marketing asset management solution makes it easy to quickly and compliantly deliver the right assets to the right market.

case studies

Case Studies

Find out how companies like Diageo are using On Brand to grow their brand, reduce time to market and meet market challenges.

diverse implementation approach


Learn more about brand asset management, and how it can help optimize your business’ marketing processes.

the best DAM blog


Learn from North Plains' subject-matter experts about best practices and use cases for On Brand, as well as other digital asset management solutions.



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