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Media & Entertainment

Technology innovation has empowered consumers and allowed them to consume media on their own terms. Working in the media and entertainment industry, this phenomenon has created an exciting yet challenging scenario for you. Whether the final products are feature-length TV and cinema films, or video clips for television news and sports broadcasts, how you accomplish your work has dramatically changed.

We provide the latest innovative Media Asset Management (MAM) software you require to meet ever-changing market needs:

  • Efficiently tag video segments using robust metadata capabilities so you can quickly find what you are looking for at any time
  • Easily create relevant new segments for your targeted audience, served as real-time broadcast on air, or as on-demand pieces via online or mobile
  • Repurpose your old content for distribution, and dramatically increase monetization opportunities of your existing assets
  • Reduce transcoding efforts, allowing you to minimize time-to-market and increase your competitive advantage

Explore how the North Plains’ Telescope and Xinet solution suite help provide the flexibility essential to actively engage your audience, and serve what they want to watch.