How Does Northplains Help Large Enterprises?

“Northplains helps enterprise organizations by bringing that collective experience over a number of years, really understanding the ecosystems that work within their organization, and quite fundamentally, outside it.”

– Richard Price, Country Manager (UK & Ireland), Northplains

“Delivering solutions that complement their existing business operations, whether it’s the creative department or the marketing department or the IT services group, across all of those functions Northplains listens to those pain points, helps you understand how to better and improve your digital asset management across your organization through the use of technology.”

– Mohan Taylor, Chief Product Officer, Northplains

How Northplains Helps Large Enterprises

As a large organisation, what can Northplains do you for? It’s a question we are often asked and, to be honest, there is no one single answer. Concerned about costs? We can help you there. Concerned about compliance? Ditto. What about transparency? Yep, we can help there, too. Productivity? Well, I think you get the idea. But, as with all things in life, what is the true value? That’s the question I ask myself regularly, and is a skill worth honing if you want to become a good product manager. Having thought about this for some time now, I have settled on my response. To get there though, I’ll need to first take you through my thought process.

Define and Support Your Goals

You have a company mission statement, right? Why? What is it there for? To stick on the wall? To keep the executives busy? To tell other people about what you do? No, not quite. It exists to align people; to make sure that everyone knows what it is that the organisation strives to be, and to ensure that everyone is working towards the same end goal. That said, why is it relevant to this discussion? It is relevant because how successful an organisation is at achieving the objectives on their mission statement is dependent upon how focussed they are on activities that that support those goals. Or, to invert that, how little they are distracted by busy work and other activities that do not support those goals. Through diligently working to ensure that the maximum amount of brain power is spent on activities that further the company’s progress towards those mission statement objectives, a company can maximise the value of its human capital, that is the people it employs. This is where Northplains’ solutions can provide genuine and lasting value, but is also the most often overlooked aspect of our systems.

Maximize Manpower

Northplains’ solutions ensure that you are not wasting expensive human capital on busy work, instead putting in place systems that streamline extraneous activities and allow people to focus on tasks that deliver true value and drive the organisation forwards towards their strategic goals. This is especially relevant to larger organisations, as the ratio of ‘busy work’ to ‘differentiating work’ tends to slide in favour of the busy side as the company scales in size. This is why smaller companies can often beat larger ones at their own game, being more creative, efficient, and responsive than the larger one. Northplains systems help redress this balance, levelling the playing field, and allowing you to operate in a manner more akin to a start-up, with all company brain cells working on valuable work, and pulling in the same direction.

Talk to us if you’d like to continue this discussion. Understanding, evaluating, and measuring the true value we deliver to our customers is something incredibly close to our hearts, and something we feel makes us truly unique in the marketplace.

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