How Can Northplains’ Solutions Help IT Professionals?

“Northplains can help IT professionals by facilitating the way they deploy and take care of our solutions. A lot goes into the care and feeding of Enterprise class software. We’re working everyday to manage the total cost of ownership down for our products.”

– Gregg Schoonover, CTO, Northplains

“Currently with inside organizations, they store digital assets in local drives, network drives. There’s a lot of duplication of costs and efforts, network uses that goes in place moving those bits of content around and storing them, so it enables them to be more effective in the storage and management of those and take control over the infrastructure.”

– Mike Verrell, Pre-Sales Manager, Northplains

“Additionally, it allows IT organizations control by bringing those repositories that may be outside of the firewall which introduces risk to the IT organization into a controlled, centralized and secure repository.”

– Craig Solberg, Chief Resource Officer, Northplains

The Northplains Difference

One of the distinct advantages of working with Northplains is our longevity in the Digital Asset Management industry. With 20 years of experience comes 20 years of knowledge and expertise, from having implemented and supported hundreds of projects including some of the largest DAM installations in the world. Our professional services, hosting and engineering teams are dedicated to providing software solutions that meet our customers’ organizational needs and address their pain points.

Ensuring Success Through Partnerships

Northplains is on-hand to work alongside IT to facilitate the successful deployment of solutions and ensure they are rolled out effectively and efficiently. From the outset, we can offer advice to help you assemble the right project team. Following the implementation and subsequent rollout of a project, we are frequently asked by our customers to help with change management and user adoption of the new solution. Northplains adopts a partnership approach to every project, and it is essential both for Northplains and for the IT professionals within the organizations we are working with that our software provides rapid time to value.

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