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Work-in-Progress Solution

Facilitate premedia production by your creative staff

XinetXinet® provides the creative members of your team with efficient workflows and features designed to accelerate the process of creating final assets for subsequent use in your DAM system. Our Xinet solution recognizes and respects the notion that video and graphic artists on your team need tools that support a non-linear workflow that enhances, not impedes creativity. At North Plains, we’ve developed hundreds of features specifically to enhance the design process and facilitate premedia production from inception to final approved asset. Digital asset management with Xinet is designed to save your creative team members valuable time by letting locate source assets quickly and by automating lengthy graphics customization and output tasks. Use Xinet at the work-in-progress stage to:
  • Access virtually any file format, including images, documents, video, interactive, CAD/CAM files—with powerful search capabilities.
  • Repurpose art to fit the specs of any job by creating customized versions of any file—fast. Reformat, crop, change color space and more while maintaining your original art, all without the need for client-side software.
  • Collaborate with off-site partners and clients during the work in progress stage by securely sharing files from any web browser.
  • Use Xinet within your standard creative art tools for seamless integration with Adobe Creative Suite and/or Quark.
  • Accelerate the process of getting to an approved asset according to your business rules. Create custom triggers to automatically notify fellow team membes of job status changes, advise clients of for-approval assignments, move approved files from one job folder to another, and more.
  • Simplify remote workflows by placing FPO images during the design process, and relinking to high resolution images stored on the server.
Access files you need from anywhere 24/7, collaborate with other team members and clients worldwide, repurpose images, automate your approval and notification processes, and get to final asset faster with Xinet.