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Publishing companies face constant pressure to both reach their audience and deliver fresh content. With the growth on online and mobile content, there are many more sources of content and ways to access it, but not any more hours in the day. Most of that content replaces traditional print and broadcast content. Publishing companies need to expand beyond traditional publishing avenues and look at themselves as content merchandisers and retailers, creating, nurturing, and delivering compelling, valuable content across printed, online and mobile channels. Leading publishers are taking on this challenge by developing an integrated digital services strategy using Telescope. These forward-thinking organizations are leveraging the power of North Plains’ digital asset management tools to address their creative, operational and workflow challenges, including:
  • Lack of unified collaboration and sharing among all contributors, (photographers, authors, editors, designers, marketers and distributors) international offices, third-parties and business partners
  • Wasted effort spent on needless searching for media assets, recreating or repurchasing lost images, using incorrect versions,
  • Workflow bottlenecks resulting from redundant and inefficient file exchanges, transformation and delivery processes
  • Lack of usage tracking and lack of production automation
  • Poorly developed disaster recovery and archival plans
Telescope for Publishing organizations provides a secure, robust and reliable digital asset management platform that enables efficient production processes while uncovering new revenue streams not previously possible with traditional systems. By enabling secure access and management of all digital media content throughout an organization, Telescope sets in motion an efficient, centralized and connected publishing workflow environment right from the creative design stage through to production and distribution to all channels.

Publisher Services Center

North Plains provides professional publishing services covering a full range of consultancy, project delivery and the most comprehensive digitization program in the marketplace. This includes the provision of publishing services for the digitization of books, design and creation of titles and eBook production, among other things. Now publishers can access North Plains’ outsourced services to reduce production times and overall costs while building in scalability to meet emerging revenue opportunities. This means that the overhead costs typically associated with managing and integrating multiple suppliers/vendors are vastly reduced. “As we develop new business ventures, Telescope Enterprise will be an excellent resource, allowing us and our business partners to take full advantage of our digital content.” Hachette Book Group USA Click here to learn more about our products.