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When it comes to getting the most out of visual assets, regardless of the use case or stage on the Creative Marketing Lifecycle, a critical success factor in the production, management or leverage of visual assets is experience.

With over 1,400 installations, supporting over 1,000,000 active users the broadest industry coverage, and the largest DAM systems in the world, North Plains Systems is unequalled in experience and capabilities in helping companies derive value from their visual assets.

In addition to our software portfolio, we also lead the industry in service and domain expertise through our dedicated professional services team, supported by a substantive network of technology and business partners throughout the world.

The combined strengths of our internal Professional Services team combined with our network of resellers and global alliance partners is a unique advantage when it comes to the integration and implementation of software and product solutions.

To stay ahead of industry and technology developments, over 20% of our development resources are dedicated to research and product / service innovation

Additionally, we created the Platinum Technology Council (PTC) with a number of our key customers and partners that meets four times a year to discuss trends and issues that assist and inform our development efforts.

Experience matters not only in implementation and integration, but also in the on-going support to address complexity as you scale in number of assets, processes, users, and departments utilizing your visual assets.

Do you need 10 metadata fields, or 200? How can you ensure users are able and willing to enter the data needed to ensure your digital media become digital assets?

Are you interested in pushing out assets to partners who know what they are looking for, or do you need to automate your rich media workflows to allow rapid creation and deployment across multiple marketing channels? Or do you need to rapidly localize marketing materials, engage local agencies to get the right message, and get regulatory approval before launching a new product globally? The bottom line? When it comes to getting the most out of your visual assets, experience matters, and no one has more experience than North Plains.

Here are a few of the ways North Plains shares this knowledge with its customers.

Business Process Consulting

Not sure if your business processes and rich media workflows are smooth enough to support Digital Asset Management? Our business analysts can do a review of your organization and give you insight into what you need.

Professional Services

North Plains’ professional services team is the most experienced in the industry, and follows it’s proven customer success engineering process that delivers measurable value at regular intervals.

North Plains’ Professional Services assists customers and partners in the successful process definition, solution implementation and adoption management of rich asset management. North Plains’ team has been responsible for implementing some of the largest, most complex and comprehensive digital asset management systems operating today. They’ve also launched customers into production within a couple of weeks for more straightforward requirements. This varied experience has resulted in a repeatable implementation process that allows customers to rapidly realize value in short delivery cycles via our customer-centric implementation process:

Learn more about our professional services team to understand what value they bring to our clients.

Customer Support and Maintenance

When you add more visual assets, you change the system. Like a library, the more books you have, the more you have to think about categorization. Our metadata and taxonomy management are best in class and with almost 200 people in North America, Europe and Asia committed to our mission of “enabling companies to connect with and engage people by unleashing the power of their visual media” there isn’t a situation we can’t handle.

When updating their system, or in the event of a technical issue, North Plains’ customers can have peace of mind knowing that they have the industry’s most experienced Support Representatives ready and available to address their needs with responsiveness and expertise.

Training and Development

North Plains’ Training is key to any rich asset management program. North Plains offers a comprehensive curriculum of training courses that include end-user training, effective administration and system support. North Plains’ combines a personalized, hands-on training approach with extensive reference material, step-by-step practice modules and small classroom environments to ensure each and every customer have the tools they need to get the most out of their visual assets from day one.

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