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On Brand

On Brand is a modular, cloud-based solution, that provides the ability for brand and marketing managers to consistently and dynamically leverage their brand assets in marketing and communication campaigns – locally or throughout the world – in a fully protected and guideline compliant manner.

From asset management, brand guidelines, creative workflow, project approvals, campaign management, resource management and web to print, On Brand helps brands deliver consistent messages across all touch-points, through a simple and intuitive solution.

Powered by Unify North Plains’ award-winning platform for developing web applications and rich customer experiences, On Brand’s modular structure is customizable and multiple brands can be managed from a single solution. Adopted by hundreds of leading brands to streamline processes, improve compliance, optimize time to market and ultimately deliver ROI, On Brand features six effective and efficient modules:

Assets Module

The Assets module is a fully featured enterprise search-based Brand Management solution which provides easy to use yet sophisticated management of your brand assets.

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Guidelines Module

Centralize, share and edit your marketing collateral and brand guidelines from a single, easy to use solution. Showcase examples, brand overviews, typography, logo usage and much more, quickly and beautifully. No longer do you have to wait to get your guidelines online or updated.

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Creative Workflow Module

Create and monitor creative workflows from a single dashboard. Ideal for creative and brand teams, the Workflow module provides a secure, creative working environment optimized for efficiency.

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Reporting Module

Measure the effectiveness of asset usage, project effectiveness, user interaction and many other factors. The Reporting Module analyzes data from all modules simultaneously drawing a deep picture of execution, team or asset effectiveness.

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Print Module

Both a streamlined print manager and an easy-to-use on-demand artwork tool, the Print module negates the need for additional layout software such as InDesign. It lets even non-technical users create powerful, on brand print layouts without the worry of unapproved or off-brand assets entering the creative process.

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Campaign Module

Build your brand. Create and implement talked about campaigns that reach across all markets and channels. The campaign Module provides metrics that offer real insight into campaign and constituent project successes. Co-ordinate agencies, partners and internal staff.

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To estimate your savings from using On Brand, use our online R.O.I calculator.

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