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For nearly 20 years, North Plains Systems has excelled at helping companies produce, manage and leverage their ever expanding collection of visual assets by streamlining the creative development process of content, improving workflow, ensuring asset and rights protection, driving value into brand equity and enabling effective use and re-use of assets.

Our portfolio includes the most proven and dependable products in the industry – Xinet, Telescope and On Brand. Each excels in addressing specific customer needs within the Creative Marketing Lifecycle.

While most customers typically start by addressing one of their needs with one of our products, should they desire to extend their capabilities to address another of the stages in the Creative Marketing Lifecycle, we are able to accommodate this natural evolution.


XinetXinet is a server-based digital asset management (DAM) solution that helps you manage, control and distribute your multimedia assets and streamline your workflow—whether local or remote. Originally designed for prepress, the solution has gained rapid adoption in industries like advertising, publishing, prepress, retail and corporate communications. Particularly well suited for creative workgroups and agencies that are producing new or modified rich content, it works well with the Adobe Creative Suite. Xinet workflows are intuitive and are specially crafted to enhance collaboration and accelerate workflows between staff, vendors or clients.

For more information on how North Plains can support your DAM needs, talk to one of our experts for request a demo.



TelescopeTelescopeTM is the most advanced and trusted digital asset management system available. It provides automated ingest, comprehensive search, virtual collaboration, and flexible distribution of an organization’s rich media files through an intuitive, browser-based interface. Telescope supports all classes of users from a designer creating new assets to mobile sales staff requiring tablet access to final media. Its distributed architecture ensures optimal performance across all locations and the scalability to handle millions of assets accessed by thousands of users. Telescope‘s modular approach and flexible metadata structure provides a fit with any size department, organization, or enterprise. It is available in both hosted and licensed (on-site) configurations.


TelescopeTM Enterprise

Telescope Enterprise offers installed software that expands from core modules, to a fully distributed, platform integrating with corporate infrastructure, suitable for global organizations. Learn more


TelescopeTM OnDemand

Telescope OnDemand Telescope OnDemand comes as either Software as a Service (SaaS) or the fully serviced DAM as a Service (DaaS) providing an unprecedented range of cost efficient, hosted digital asset management services.

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On BrandTM

On Brand empowers users to control, protect, create and collaborate on all aspects of their brand. From asset management, brand guidelines, creative workflow, project approvals, campaign management, resource management and web to print, On Brand helps brands deliver consistent messages across all touch-points, through a simple and intuitive cloud-based solution. Built on the award-winning Unify platform, On Brand’s modular structure is customizable and multiple brands can be managed from a single solution. Adopted by hundreds of leading brands to streamline processes, improve compliance, optimise time to market and ultimately deliver ROI, On Brand offers low cost entry and enterprise class solutions.

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Unify is an award-winning marketing application platform. It is web-based and designed from the ground up to be flexible, scalable and perform to the highest enterprise standards. It ships with a number of pre-built modules including advanced search, file transformations, localization, publishing and social features.

Unify meets a variety of tailored business needs including content management, marketing resource management and brand portals. Unify is also the technology platform behind On Brand, providing clients with a enterprise class brand asset management solution delivered as a pre -packaged service.

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See how North Plains products work together in our cross product demonstration below: