How to Manage your Digital Content Better

How to Manage your Digital Content Better

Check out this excellent article, featured in Digital Marketing Magazine, on how to best manage your digital content by our very own Sr. Product Manager, Tim Shaw. Article highlights include the 7 questions you need to ask to inform your digital marketing strategy, as well as content management best practices. Shaw also shares the 6 steps to a successful digital asset management (DAM) strategy, including:

  1. Getting organizational buy-in.
  2. Ensuring success through planning and measuring.
  3. Adopting a central repository.
  4. Maximizing the value of your existing assets.
  5. Increasing search-ability through keywords and tagging.
  6. Appointing a content owner.

This is a must-read for anyone considering a DAM solution or wanting to maximise their existing DAM.

Read the article.

“Having a well-defined and accepted digital asset management process in place will increase a company’s ability to create compelling marketing content and allow creative people to focus on creative tasks, rather than the dreary administrative tasks that distract them.”

– Tim Shaw, Digital Marketing Magazine, “How to Manage Your Digital Content Better”

Have questions, or want to speak to someone about planning your digital asset management strategy? Contact Northplains today, and take the first step toward a successful DAM solution.


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