How Can Northplains’ Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solutions Help Corporate Librarians?

“A corporate librarian is really responsible for maintaining that huge repository of content, and Northplains helps those librarians by providing solutions that help you organize and maintain that repository of content.”

– Mohan Taylor, Chief Product Officer, Northplains

“What we do with Northplains is provide a facility so that you can define your own metadata language, and then use that metadata language and tag all of your assets with that metadata so that now your users can find all the assets you have.”

– Bob Coleman, Director of Telescope Engineering, Northplains

“Along with all the search and other capabilities that are critical towards making that content accessible, we strive to take away the legwork from the daily routines so that more of the time they spend in the office is of true value, delivering benefits to the organization, rather than just managing that library of assets.”

– Gregg Schoonover, Chief Technology Officer, Northplains

How Northplains Helps Corporate Librarians

We took three of our leading customers and tallied up the number of assets they have. The total came to over 7 million assets. That’s a colossal amount of content and a huge responsibility for the corporate librarians responsible for managing these files, images, videos, etc. So how does digital asset management  (DAM) come into play in terms of helping corporate librarians manage this volume of content?

Digital asset management software helps corporate librarians organize and manage their assets so that their “customers” (employees and external third party partners) can get access to what they need quickly and easily. Search is a very important function of any successful DAM solution, and even more important is the metadata (the collection of data) that is associated with each asset to make the search results as relevant as possible for the user. Northplains has spent over 20 years working with their clients to build and improve upon the search and metadata functionality in our solutions, and have recently published some best practices in association with our Telescope product.

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