How Do Northplains’ DAM Solutions Help with Compliance?

Let’s face it, compliance is an area of brand and creative development that fills design teams and marketers with dread. This is especially true in the 24/7 switched-on world we bring our products and messaging to market in. However, compliance, or lack thereof, can pose a serious threat to global brands. Every single area associated with the development, marketing and ultimately the sale of any brand or service, is subject to the adherence to a myriad of rules and regulations.

Digital Rights Management

Think about compliance as it relates to rights management for a second. One of our customers, Discovery Education, provides a useful example. Say Discovery Education creates a video themselves. Despite the fact that they created it, the video contains material from multiple sources for which the rights need to be obtained such as music, photography, parental consent forms if children are featured, and more.

For global brands, rights management and compliance can be extremely complex as usage rights and regulations can vary regionally. Consider for a moment beverage alcohol brands, legal drinking ages can vary by geography and the appropriate responsible drinking messages required on advertising can also differ by market. Packaging and labeling regulations are also often subject to local regulations as well. Multiply this by the number of markets in which a global brand operates in and you start to get a picture of how significant a challenge this can be and how critical it is to manage this effectively and efficiently.

Keeping Compliant and Confident with DAM

Mistakes can be costly and social media is both friend and foe offering instant exposure to a global audience yet instant amplification of a blunder. However, while it is critical that brand guidelines are met in a compliant manner, fear of non-compliance can hinder creativity and negatively impact the output of marketing teams. Brand and digital asset management solutions can help marketers ensure their messaging is both creative and compliant allowing creative and marketers to be both agile and in control of their brand or multiple brands across multiple geographies and allows for the active involvement and management of multiple stakeholders including agencies, legal etc).

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