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How GLOBALedit, Xinet and TeleScope Manage the Lifecycle of High-end Photo and Video Content from Capture to Production

In our webinar series, Marketing Agility for a Digital World, we have explored the concept of marketing agility and the challenges facing marketers in today’s fast-paced multi-media, multi-channel environment, and where Digital Asset Management (DAM) fits into the marketing ecosystem. An important benefit of Marketing Agility is the ability to collaborate effectively among the many stakeholders, from different functions or locations worldwide. In order to accelerate time-to-market and effectively adapt to rapidly changing market needs, the various creative and production teams need to work together efficiently. In this webinar, North Plains and Industrial Color will present and demonstrate how GLOBALedit, Xinet and TeleScope address the challenges of collaboration within creative and production groups while still maintaining brand consistency and control. Topics covered will include: Why one size doesn’t fits all when it comes to solutions for creative and production groups How GLOBALedit, Xinet and TeleScope work together to manage the lifecycle of rich media assets, especially high-end photo and video content from capture through to production A global marketing use case that runs across collaboration between photo and video platform using GLOBALedit and Xinet as the collaboration solution for creative groups, and TeleScope as the global marketing enterprise DAM

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