How to Manage your Digital Content Better

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Check out this excellent article, featured in Digital Marketing Magazine, on how to best manage your digital content by our very own Sr. Product Manager, Tim Shaw. Article highlights include the 7 questions you need to ask to inform your digital marketing strategy, as well as content management best practices. Shaw also shares the 6 steps to a successful digital asset management (DAM) strategy, including: Getting organizational buy-in. Ensuring success through planning and measuring. Adopting a central repository....

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How Can North Plains' Solutions Help IT Professionals?

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How do you know if you need a DAM? Learn about various DAM functionality, and what DAM can do for you....

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The Marketer's Challenge

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More, Better, Faster: Creating and Managing Content in a Digital World As if creating great content is not hard enough, how do you do it faster, more often and more effectively? According to the Content Marketing Institute, 16% of B2B marketers are creating new content on a daily basis. Another 26% are creating new content multiple times per week. This includes blogs and social media, but also the more traditional email and website channels....

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