5 Benefits of Choosing DAM

5 Benefits of Choosing DAM

Let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment…

Your organisation doesn’t have a digital asset management system and you – or your boss, or the purchasing department – are questioning whether one is really needed. After all, everyone’s managed to shake along fine without one so far, right? Well, maybe, on the surface. There are some pretty compelling arguments around the very clear difference that a DAM can make, whether preventing potential disasters or just getting rid of those day-to-day headaches that everyone has learned to tolerate (but really should not have to).

Why Digital Asset Management?

1. Minimise the amount of time wasted trying to find the right file

Most of us have been there, at least once: the minutes or even hours wasted trying to find the right version of the right file. “I know Joe said he’d updated those GIF images, but where did he put them?” The right DAM solution can ensure that the correct version of any piece of brand or marketing content is easily accessible, ensuring the smooth-running of campaigns and preventing valuable time being wasted.

2. Reduce dependency on the agency for minor tasks

If someone in-house is not sure about the location or version of a file, the temptation is often to ask the agency to send it over. That incurs a cost. This isn’t just theory: one major brand we know saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, simply by eliminating unnecessary ‘asks’ of the agency, once the DAM had been implemented.

3. Manage risk around rights management

If employees are not clear on the rights surrounding a particular asset, for instance a third party image, there is a chance that they may inadvertently use it in a campaign, not realising that they are potentially leading the company into legal action. Again, there are numerous anecdotes of this happening around the world.

4. Prevent duplicated effort and costs

This is one that the CFO will appreciate hearing about. By making existing content easier to find, distribute and localise, a DAM system can help stop unnecessary duplication of material in its tracks. Apart from the financial savings, reuse of content saves time.

5. Protect Intellectual Property (IP) better

There are a couple of aspects to IP protection. First, there is the issue of making sure that everyone in the company is ‘on message’, using the right brand guidelines. Less common, but good to have as an insurance policy, is an ‘audit trail’ or history of a piece of content – for instance a slogan, logo or piece of music. This history is useful when needing to prove that the company invented it in the first place. Again, some high profile legal cases have highlighted the need for organisations to protect their IP.

Would You Go Back to Life Before DAM?

If we ask our customers this, the answer is generally a resounding “no“. Our DAM solutions provide tangible benefits that make a material difference to the success and performance of any organisation. The business argument for DAM is pretty hard to dispute.