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Mobile Digital Asset Management Completes the DAM Value Chain

At Henry Stewart last week we announced our iPad interface and our mobile digital asset management strategy. You can read more here-  North Plains Puts the Power of an Enterprise DAM Solution on the iPad.

TeleScope iPad

One of the interesting aspects of discussing mobile digital asset management is how it highlights the importance of the digital asset management value chain- who interacts when and where with your digital assets.

Looking at the value chain, it becomes clear that mobile DAM is valuable because it strongly connects your digital asset management processes to critical points of the value chain that are otherwise hard to serve. It fills some of the gaps called out in last weeks blog post, Mind the DAM Gap.

Companies that use DAM to manage large numbers of digital assets across non-trivial value chains- photographers, executives, agencies, marketing partners, field representatives- have been feeling these gaps in their digital asset management systems and are eager for a solution. Many of them even created iPhone solutions before the advent of the iPad- with surprisingly good adoption and success for that small screen.

Some specific areas where mobile makes DAM more successful is improving metadata capture, timely review and approval, and, most significantly, improving the availability of digital assets to those who need them, where they need them.

A photographer can stand on the set and tag just ingested images.

Talent in a shoot can be given a tablet, and with no training do a select of their preferred images.

A sales representative can be asked a question, and immediately bring up the relevant information for his client.

Reviewers, rather than sitting back and commenting on a slide show, can be handed a tablet and asked “can you score these?”. No sending a hyperlink, setting up training, writing training manuals, dealing with lost passwords, and dealing with the high cost of getting a new user on a system for occasional use.

You hand over the tablet, and say “please look these photos over” while in a meeting.

In short, you can think of mobile DAM as impacting the DAM value chain in two ways:

1) By location, extending your DAM processes to places and times where computers aren’t practical.

2) By user, bring informal but important DAM users into the value chain.

For a large number of our customers, both of these increase the value of their DAM system, and ensure that important gaps are minded and overcome. In fact, once the limitations of location and informal users are removed through mobile DAM, there are very few gaps left.